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柴家捌? 摩?衩? 蜀庙埼厦 メンテナンス ショッピング お啼い圭?


拢批セット Gift set

  • 5000边笆惧のお倾い惧げで、流瘟ˇ洛苞き缄眶瘟 痰瘟 (5000边笆布 链柜办围525边)
  • 睛墒のお啼圭せ 排厦:06-6633-9393 减烧箕粗:10:30彚18:00
  • メ〖ルでのお啼圭せはこちら
* It is recommended that you print this page and use it as reference throughout the purchase procedure.
Use the form provided on our Contact page to send us the content of your order.
Be sure to include:
ˇ your name and address
ˇ your email address
ˇ your telephone number
ˇ the names of the products you want
ˇ the corresponding item numbers
ˇ the corresponding quantities
ˇ the corresponding sizes
ˇ the method of payment
Once we confirm your order, we will reply to you by email informing you of the total price of your order as well as the shipping charges.
Make your payment.
Choose the method of payment: International Postal Money Order, bank transfer, or credit card.
International Postal Money Order
1. Indicate ∪International Postal Money Order∩ as the method of payment in your email (as noted in ∪1.∩ above), and also indicate whether you want to pay in Yen, in US dollars or in Euros.
2. When we reply by email (as explained in ∪2.∩ above), we will inform you of the total price of your order based in the currency you indicate.
* That calculation will be based on the exchange rate as of the day that we send you that email.
3. Send an International Postal Money Order made out in the amount indicated in that mail to the following campany address.
* The customer is responsible for any and all fees and charges related to issuing and mailing the money order.

Bank transfer
Wire the amount indicated in the email noted in ∪2.∩ above to the bank designated below.
* Please send the amount indicated in the email noted in “2.” in US Dollars or Euros to the bank designated below. The customer is responsible for any and all fees related to the transfer of the invoiced amount into our bank account. In addition, there is a 1500 Yen handling charge for the transaction between the bank designated below and our company

Bank Information
Name The Bank of Mitsubishi-UFJ.Ltd.
Code 0005
Branch∈Branch Code∷ Namba∈035∷
Account No. 0311369
Address 12-26 Namba-sennichimae, Chuou-Ku, Osaka 542-0075 JAPAN
Company Imformation
Name Ichimonji Chuki, Ltd.
Address 14-8 Namba-Sennichimae,Chuou-ku, Osaka 542-0075 JAPAN
Tel. + 81-(0)6-6633-9393

Credit Card
When using a credit card from outside Japan, there may be security measures in place preventing you from making the payment. Please check with your credit card company before trying to make the payment.
1. After receiving our email reply (as noted in ∪2.∩ above), you will need to reaccess our website and register the total amount of your order (including shipping charges) in the ∪Credit card payment∩ page.
* To access the ∪Credit card payment∩ page at that time, either return to this ∪International shipping and payment information∩ page and click HERE,
2. Once you have followed the instructions on the ∪Credit card payment∩ page and registered the total amount of your order, check the final content of your payment in the ∪Shopping cart∩ page and click CONTINUE CHECKOUT.
3. Select ∪Making a purchase as a guest (without registering as a customer)∩ and click CONTINUE CHECKOUT again.
4. Enter the appropriate customer information (as in your original email to us) and, when you are done, click NEXT at the bottom of the page.
* Be sure that you have selected the ∪credit card∩ radio button in the ∪Method of Payment∩ area.
* Because the ∪Create a Customer Account∩ page is basically created for shopping in Japan, an error may be generated for some entries. If an error does occur, simply ∪copy and paste∩ the example that is provided for that field.

5. On the resulting ∪Confirmation∩ page, check the total price of your order, including shipping charges, and your information.
Return to the ∪Create a Customer Account∩ page if you need to make a correction and. once all the information is correct, click COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE,
6. Enter your credit card information and click SUBMIT.

Once we receive your payment, we will send you a confirmation email and will ship your order as soon as possible.
Once your order is shipped, we will also inform you by email of the corresponding EMS tracking number.
* The customer is responsible for any and all duties and taxes, etc., related to shipping.
  Example of shipping fees(under 1kg)
Asia \2100
North America,
Central America,
Middle East
Europe \3200
South America,
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